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Speakers Network

The main objective of the network is for us to have access to a pool of pre-selected speakers to share at our Entrepreneur Sharing Session, which is a key component of our guided tour at one-north.

The Entrepreneur Sharing Session is designed for the audience to learn more about entrepreneurship and to be inspired by the entrepreneurial journey and the business (innovations & inventions) shared by the speakers.

We do our best to match the right speaker to the appropriate audience so that the session can be mutually beneficial. 

Community Benefits

Our Speakers enjoy the following benefits by being part of our network. Our Speakers enjoy the following benefits by being part of our network.

Gain networking opportunities with other speakers

Earn extra income in the form of honorarium fee

Promote and expose your product/service to a wider global audience

Elevate your personal branding through the sharing sessions and marketing efforts

Play your part in building the next generation

Concerned about snacks, lunch or dinner arrangements when you are on our program? Don't worry - we provide various dining options depending on your dietary requirements, preferences and budget.

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