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  • What does UBE stands for?
    UBE (pronounced as U-BE) stands for Unique Business Experiences! We are an innovative Singapore company in the travel and tour industry set up in 2016 that seeks to tell the true Singapore story through unconventional and unique tours. Our small yet strong team firmly believes in the exploration of new ideas and being a disruptor of the norms. With support from Singapore Tourism Board and other amazing local organisations, the concept of UBE is to be the bridge for business travellers looking to Connect, Collaborate and be Inspired! “Only by being constantly innovative do we find better solutions for our stakeholders and clients.” – our founder.
  • Who is the team behind it all?
    At the helm is a visionary leader who is backed by a strong team of zealous individuals, each with a repertoire of specific skills and knowledge. Based in and operating from Singapore, we know the inside out of the local business environment. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, our team is more than well-equipped to serve all your bleisure needs. We started off small as a start-up too so trust us, we understand how innovation is the crux to any business model.
  • What are our strengths?
    A well-run and dedicated team, logistical support for all your transportation needs, a well-connected network with entrepreneurs and local businesses , a strong creative culture and the ability to problem-solve.
  • Who are our partners?
    UBE is part of Singapore Tourism Board’s new “Passion Made Possible” project and a member of the Tour Operators Alliance. We also work closely with JTC (Jurong Town Corporation), NUS Enterprise, local businesses, enterprising start-ups, and local tour attractions.
  • Who runs the tours?
    Our guides are all professionally-trained passionate individuals with a wealth of knowledge. Of course, all our guides are also licensed, eloquent and are more than competent to lead your esteemed group through the various programmes. Telling stories is our passion and exceptional service is our promise to you!
  • How many tour guides will there be?
    A optimal ratio of 30 participants : 1 experienced tour guide is recommended.
  • How long in advance do we have to confirm our booking?
    We require advance reservation of at least 6 weeks for our IGNITE programs. Last minute reservation will be accessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do you accept groups who do not communicate in English?
    Currently, our program is only offered in English and Mandarin.
  • What other tour experiences can we provide?
    Exciting food and history tours, immersive cultural learning experiences, unique adventures, major attraction tickets and just about everything you require. Check out our sister brand: or contact us at for more information!
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