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Take your everyday experiences to a whole new level by gamifying it with Ransack

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

While some of us love to game on a daily basis, we never thought of expanding this idea into a career. Well, that’s not the case for these two avid gamers! Ransack’s founders, Dickson and Elbert were pals from the army who also knew each other before they became colleagues.

While having a simple catch up over a meal, the initial idea of starting a business related to games was born since they shared a common love for gaming. However, the idea didn’t exactly continue from the conversation. After giving it a second thought, Dickson approached Elbert again to revisit this idea at a later date. By now, Elbert was already 2 years into his previous job as a consultant who helped to brainstorm solutions for other companies.

Founders of Ransack. From left: Dickson and Elbert

It was at that moment the two young entrepreneurs realised that the decision taken at that time was the turning point for them. Since they were both under 30, the two of them felt that this was the perfect time to do something that was out of their comfort zone and try something new.

At Ransack, they strive to transform your daily life experiences to a whole new level by gamifying it and making it ten times more fun and interactive for you so that you’ll never forget this adventure!

Anything you want to gamify to enhance your experience, they’ve got it! All you’ve got to do is tell them what you’re looking for and the location if it’s in a specific place and they’ll help you to create original content from scratch.

Here’s a better understanding of Ransack for you by one of the founders, Elbert!


Prior to starting Ransack, did you have any experience of doing games or went to learn gaming?

Since we both shared the same passion for gaming, it came naturally to us. I personally love to go around the world just to experience their escape rooms. For example, I have been to Italy, Japan, Bali, Greece, Hawaii and many more just to play escape room games. Meanwhile, Dickson loves to partake in online challenges like puzzles and even mind games.

How do you keep this effort going?

Since there isn’t a company in Singapore that specialises in gamifying experiences although we are no experts, we are always up to date with the latest games, it motivates us as we look forward to working with clients while doing research and share our love for gaming with everyone!

What motivates you to keep going?

We believe that our company is able to maintain a healthy balance of work and play. This allows us to adopt a carefree attitude especially as we look forward to our games day every Friday! Since our job involves us to play games everyday like talking to our client about games, it’s just fun and exciting and that is what keeps us going.

Which moment would you say is the most memorable for you?

Our current batch of interns is definitely one for the books. We previously only had help from our friends who were freelancers and even solo interns, but we never had a batch of them. Now that we have decided to start having batches of interns, things were changing as we were learning to delegate our tasks with the interns.

Were there any setbacks you have faced previously?

We did not face setbacks since we managed our expectations pretty well. One of the conditions I made with Dickson was to not take any money from the company for 2 years which includes our salary. Regardless of how the company is doing, we didn’t take any money which allowed us to make the best decisions for the company, moving forward.

What is one misconception that people have about Ransack that you wish to address?

Many people often think we are a puzzle company that specialises in making puzzles only but that is not all! We are in fact a gamification company that provides a wide range of solutions that can transform a stroll in the park into a quest that brings you to the moon. These puzzle hunts are one of the projects we have been doing.

Where do you see Ransack in the future?

Currently we are working in a period where we are able to juggle work while having fun. However, as people are starting to join the company, the fun times we have will start to decrease and we will need to plan when exactly we will be able to do so. So we wish to keep this spirit up and keep this positive environment where people enjoy being here because they want to rather than for work.

What’s one piece of advice you would like to give to people who wish to start a business?

If you wish to start a business, I believe you should just execute what you wish to do rather than constantly plan for it.

You will not be able to plan for every possible scenario. While you are executing your plan, you can change and morph along the way. I feel that planning is overrated, and execution is more important


Now that you know how Ransack works, support them by checking them out here to advance your everyday tasks into an exciting adventure!


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