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Rethinking Traditional Work Processes Created Business Opportunities For This Young Entrepreneur!

Updated: Feb 1

Terence Toh, Co-Founder of Payboy.
Terence Toh, Co-Founder of Payboy.

The functions of Human Resource can be tedious and cause plenty of frustrations. What if we can rethink processes and improve productivity? The skeptics may scoff and think “easier said than done”. Well, instead of just thinking, this local entrepreneur came up with the most intuitive and easy-to-use HR management system on the market - Payboy!

Say hello to the brainchild behind this innovative cloud-based payroll software, 29-yo Terence Toh.

Terence is an opportunist, to say the least. Within the last 4 years, he dabbled into multiple businesses, which in turn helped to hone his sharp business acumen and gained a competitive vantage for Payboy.

In 4 years, this local startup company grew from just 4 hopeful individuals to a team of 20, managing clients that include SMEs, other local start-ups, and also bigger enterprises. Amidst an industry dominated by big players, Payboy was selected to be part of the recommended vendor list by IMDA. This is a good affirmation of their capabilities.

The hardworking team at Payboy!
The hardworking team at Payboy!

Let us get upclose with Terence and see what influenced his entrepreneurial journey!


Three words that best describe Payboy.

Innovative, Personal, Precise.

What do you do in your free time?

Full time dog Dad. Love cooking and creating food from scratch.

What/who has shaped who you are today?

My dad was a salesman and a businessman. He influenced me and exposed me to the possibility of running a business. Starting a business isn't easy, I've made many mistakes along the way. Hitting roadblocks and making mistakes is alright, what matters most is that you learn from them.

Tell me about one of your best moments at work.

When my clients tell me how much time and hassle they've saved just by using Payboy. Made all the hard work and hours spent worth it. This is the main reason why we build Payboy.

Where has this entrepreneurship path taken you to?

I've met so many people on this journey and I enjoyed it a lot. When I first started Payboy, it was the Kampong spirit in the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Sandbox incubator that really intrigued me. Eugene from Highspark helped us with our decks and CJ from Gram helped us with our videos. I also learned how being altruistic will help you in the long run. I've met so many people from all walks of life which created so many opportunities for me. Not to mention the co-founders that worked on Payboy with me who have became really good friends of mine!

Going to slot in a cringe-worthy but accurate quote: "You'll miss 100% of the shots you don't make!"

Team Humans vs Team Technology. Who are you rooting for?

Team Tech!

If you can travel back in time, what is 1 thing you would have done differently?

Nothing, I think what made me who I am today includes the mistakes I made in the past. No point traveling back in time. Try to change the future instead.


As with many successful entrepreneurs, Terence is an advocate of creating your own business opportunity.

“You don't need a large sum of investment to start your business. Start now, start young when you have the energy. Information and resources are everywhere. You just have to search for it or be thick-skinned enough to ask for it !”

Technology aside, opportunities can be created just by rethinking traditional structures and business models. By simplifying the tedious or hard stuff with technology, you can focus on what matters. In Payboy’s instance, human capital.

This innovative solution transforms traditional HR processes by making it hyper-efficient, simple-to-use and affordable. With technology replacing mundane tasks, business owners can better harness the talent of their employees and entrust them with higher-level responsibilities! This is a win-win situation!

Team of PayBoy
Team of PayBoy

To understand more about how Payboy works, check them out here.


Stay tuned for more inspirational stories on local entrepreneurs and businesses!

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