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Half-Day Tour

Start this half-day immersive business tour with an exciting visit to one-north - a bustling business park designated to innovation and home to Singapore’s very own Silicon Valley – LaunchPad @ one-north. Have the rare opportunity to interact with the brains behind revolutionary start-ups and leave inspired with a stimulating tour of an innovation lab.

After lunch, visit unique local businesses in the heartlands of Singapore and learn about their innovative transformative journey with curated hands-on experiences. Expect an inspiring interaction session with successful entrepreneurs and businesses! ​Fun activities may include learning to grow your very own sustainable and edible garden at home.

The experiential half-day tour ends with practical takeaways from real-life success stories shared by incredible people.


Min: 30pax    Max: 60pax

Key Highlights:


Innovation Lab

Local Business

+ Lunch (add-on)

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hear from

the best

A fantastic opportunity to meet successful founders of unique business models



Discover powerful ideas and implement them into your business

Open Office Space

innovative laUNCHPAD

Witness first-hand the burgeoning start-up economy in Singapore

Networking Event

business networking

Interact with like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs

Giving a Presentation

interactive WORKSHOPS

Exciting experiential activities to stimulate the mind

A not so Ordinary Dining Experience!

Concerned about snacks, lunch or dinner arrangements when you are on our program? Don't worry - we provide various dining options depending on your dietary requirements, preferences and budget.


We also take it up several notches and give you the option of enjoying an unforgettable meal experience at some of Singapore's most interesting F&B concepts when you come on our tours! Sumptuous, educational, meaningful and enjoyable! Contact us to know more!

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