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This 3 step process for your company might just be your tech driven solution

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Getting tech driven solutions for your business ideas can be quite challenging. Firstly, you would need to identify what you’re looking for, then you would need to find for the service that best suits your needs. To help you simplify the whole process, Perfomatix has 3 simple steps you can follow. Firstly, you’ll create a blueprint for your product in just 4 weeks. Followed by creating a prototype in 12 weeks to show you your product. Finally, once your product is the one for you, it will be developed accordingly custom AGILE software product development process.

Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Perfomatix

As a co-founder of Perfomatix, Sooraj Jayaraman explained that they basically started as a start-up company, however they failed to do so. Along with three other college friends of his, they all came together to build an analytic solution for the ecommerce industry which they wanted to explore the further possibility of performic in Singapore.

Working towards advance intelligence, the team spent a year trying to build the programme which they tried to reach out to many other major players in the industry. However, they encountered many problems such as servers glitching, inability to hold traffic, less user interest which they had to improve on before entering the market.

Since Sooraj and his co-founders were out of their previous jobs, they were not able to generate enough revenue. But they needed to bring revenue to the server. This was when they all decided to convert to helping other companies build products. Starting a process of learning from the whole process of what worked and what didn’t, they took back those lessons and helped to curate something for others.

Without further ado, here’s Sooraj who will be entertaining our questions for the day!


Have you been involved in this industry since the beginning?

Throughout my career, I have been focusing on transformation. Previously, I only focused on one company but currently I’m doing this for 4 different companies. My co-founders and I come from a tech background as I hold a master's in computer application. I didn’t like to do sales before but now that I am taking care of global sales, it’s very different from your typical sales process since you handle providing solutions.

Could you share more about your competition?

In the past 10 years, we never actually had competition and were seldom put into a position to compete with someone else pitching for the same project. Our prospects usually range from a person recommending another, existing clients or even someone who has worked with us before reaching out to our team. While there were times when we had to do presentations which required a lot of convincing, we manage to get a decent portfolio to let others know why they can rely on us. Sometimes, there might be current solutions that we may not know of however someone else out there does. We don’t exactly see others as our competitors, but we consider them as our partners.

Perfomatix team in India

Could you walk us through your daily schedule at work?

Starting off with a stand up call, my team and I will discuss the priority items. These include, “What are the action items for the day?”, “do we need to send some proposals, share some profiles or have some interviews done?”. I often check my emails and ensure that I am not missing out anything while keeping a calendar. On some days, I have about 3 to 4 meetings going on throughout the day. To wrap the day up, I usually have a meeting with all the founders of companies which was an initiative I took up during the start of the pandemic. We all started to digitally connect once or twice a week to share about our companies.

What do you look forward to on a daily basis?

I get excited when someone comes up to me and says that they have a problem statement which they need some help with. It’s like looking forward to something new for us to crack and solve. That’s definitely very appealing to me especially when we are able to tell our clients that we can understand this problem which we would proceed with research. This allows us to get the team involved and come up with a solution. Along the way, we also get to learn new things with our clients which really ties things together, making it very fulfilling.

Within these past 10 years, has there been an incident when you got really frustrated and wanted to give up?

For us, problem solving, frustration is part of our business. However, some of our clients are not exactly aware of the technical things involved. While things may sound very easy for them, building it technically to make it an enterprise grade solution before you put it out is not exactly easy. It’s often quite challenging trying to explain this technically, especially while there are unrealistic expectations you need to meet.

Expectations vs Reality of Perfomatix?

I would say I expected a lot less than what we could achieve initially especially with how demanding the market is. We have always had targets to achieve and whenever our clients pull back from the original agreement after we had spent time curating something special for them, it can be a little upsetting. Business wise, we never expected enterprises were open for people like us to come in and solve problems. It was like a game changer, otherwise, people like chief innovation officers, they really want to open this enterprise space.

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?

I would probably balance the financial disparity which can be difficult to break however in some circumstances, for example, sharing of skills within small scale industries and distributing enough money within them. We ensure that we give equal amounts to our team.

Is there anything you would like to change if you could go back in time?

I would like to remove the limits I had for my goals and ambitions. Growing up in a middle-class family, my parents often would only have a certain number of expectations which they felt was most adequate for me. However, I have been able to prove to them and many others that I am capable of doing so much more.


In concluding our conversation with Sooraj, co-founder of Perfomatix, we've gained valuable insights into the challenges he's confronted and the dynamics of his work life. Our discussion has provided a unique window into the experiences and resilience of a dedicated entrepreneur. It's through these narratives that we uncover the multifaceted world of entrepreneurship, with Sooraj's journey serving as a testament to determination, innovation, and the pursuit of aspirations.


Stay tuned for more inspirational stories on local entrepreneurs and businesses!

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